Bad Psychics

How to spot bad psychics

It is a sad fact that not all psychics are honest or ethical and if you ever come across bad psychics you may be left feeling upset, angry and very uneasy.

Bad psychics tend to prey on the vulnerable and are usually just after your money. A few are ‘power trippers’ who enjoy the feeling of control they can hold over other peoples’ lives. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that all psychics are genuinely good people with high ethical standards and your best interests at heart, but sometimes this isn’t the case.

Bad Psychics: It's all in the mind

Bad psychics often try to convince you that you have been cursed in some way or suggest that they have seen something bad in your future. They then offer to break or lift the curse by offering a spell or similar - for a substantial sum of your money of course! Some people become trapped by fear after hearing a negative prediction and may pay the bad psychic over and over again as a way of being protected from potential bad luck in the future.

It is vital that you choose a well-established psychic or psychic service with a good reputation for psychic readings. It is also important to remember that a psychic does not have control of your future. Your future is in your hands and you are in charge of your life and the decisions you make.

Bad Psychics: The myth of ‘bad luck’

Psychic readings with bad psychics may leave you in fear, especially if a prediction of bad luck has been made or if you have been told that you have been cursed. Remember that a curse only has power if you believe in it. If you believe in curses and bad luck then you may begin to interpret unsatisfactory events in your life as being part of the curse.

Virtually everybody experiences ups and downs at some point in their life, this is something we ALL have in common and very few people are fortunate to live a life full of blessings. The best thing you can do if you have been left upset after a reading with a bad psychic is to completely ignore it. Their words and predictions will only have power if you hand over your own power to that person.


1. You are the creator of your own life - don’t hand over control to bad psychics.
2. The future is fluid, you can change what may seem like bad luck by taking positive action.
3. Everyone experiences low points in their life at some time.
4. Your mind is a powerful tool, refuse to believe in a curse and it will have no power over you.
5. There are many good psychics who want to help you take control of your own destiny.


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